Offer In-Person Like Legal Consultation To Remote Clients Through Your Website And Appointment Confirmation Emails

  • Provide Guided legal consultation (user consented audio,1-way, 2-way video calls with on demand screen sharing) to those crucial and complex legal documents and discussions

In-Person’ Legal Consultations While Being Remote

Most appointments get cancelled or delayed as a result of

  • Getting stuck in traffic

  • Not in mood travel or had to be somewhere

Make your legal consultation ‘in-person’ even for remote clients and maximize Client Meetings by reducing last-minute cancellations by offering Audio, Video call-based legal consultations to clients from the comfort of where they are.

Guided Assistance For Complex Legal Documents

  • Some legal documents and consultations are complex and need more collaborative meeting to review those crucial legal documents together to make super clear and convincing to your clients.

  • Gudizy’s screen sharing feature (via audio / video call) enables you to share screen and perform collaborative review and Q&A session on those crucial legal documents with in-person experience.

Integrate Guidizy into your website
and see the difference

No new IT infrastructure required, works with any PC, Tablet with a browser

Create sales journeys that suits your business

Easy integration to existing website

Improve immediate resolution in sales experience

Improve digital experience & sales funnel conversions

Drive sales engagement at the right time