Offer In Person Like Property Viewing Experience For your Online | Remote Clients Through Website

  • Enable guided property viewing (1-way, 2-way video calls with on demand screen sharing) for property listings on your website

  • Customer can continue to browse through your website while being in guided assistance session with your agent

Maximize Property Viewings

Maximize Property viewings by reducing those last minute Viewing Cancellations by offering live video call based property tours to your clients from the comfort of where they are.

Guidizy enables your agents to offer live video call based property tour using smart phones, tablets

Most of the last minute Viewing cancellations occur as a result of:

  • Getting stuck in traffic

  • Not in mood travel or had to be somewhere

  • Guidizy enables your agents to offer live video call based property tour using smart phones, tablets.

Never Miss Property Enquiries

  • When a client attempts a property enquiry, they mean it and they want to find out about the property right away. Missed property enquiry can be loss of a potential client.

  • Sales / Letting agents may not always be at the desk given the nature of their work.

  • Guidizy Answer Anywhere empowers agents to attend property enquiries originating from your website while being away from desk.

Make Your Property Listing Click-Able Dialler

Not all properties are same. Some get sold / let faster than others. Identify such special properties and place click-able Guidizy button next to the property on your web site or as part of your property alert emails

  • Clients looking at such special properties can click the Guidizy button

  • Clients are prone to distraction / lose focus while browsing.

  • Being able to speak to an agent (with just click of button) from the very property they are looking at on your site or your property alert e-mail greatly improves the chances of successful sale / let.

Guided Property Viewing

  • Clients may need guidance in choosing right property for their needs and budget.

  • Guidizy screen sharing feature enables Agents to get on call with your clients to offer an Interactive and guided property viewing experience through your website.

Integrate Guidizy into your website
and see the difference

No new IT infrastructure required, works with any PC, Tablet with a browser

Create sales journeys that suits your business

Easy integration to existing website

Improve immediate resolution in sales experience

Improve digital experience & sales funnel conversions

Drive sales engagement at the right time